MycoView Medium # Ref. 2060


Transport and culture of urogenital mycoplasmas: Ureaplasma spp.  including U. urealyticum and  U. parvum, and Mycoplasma hominis, present in patient clinical specimens. It allows the detection of the two species through culture in the liquid medium and its colour change.

MycoView Medium is well designed to be combined  with both kits : MycoView and MycoView ID.

Content of the kit
Transport broth (T Broth) : volume of 2 ml of liquid reagent for urogenital mycoplasma transport
40 vials
Culture medium (C medium): freeze-dried medium, containing pplo broth-yeast extract-cysteine-substrates (urea and arginine), enrichment, horse serum, selective antibiotics mixture, and phenol red
40 vials
Pipette tip